The Dictator | Monday, 28 Jul at 8:45 PM
The world's worst dictator finds himself in America and having to live the American dream.
Step Up Revolution | Monday, 28 Jul at 10:00 PM
A young couple who dreams of becoming professional dancers must now dance for the preservation of their neighbourhood.
Chasing Mavericks | Tuesday, 29 Jul at 4:05 PM
Jay Moriarity undergoes a training, under the legendary Frosty Hesson to survive a surf on the biggest waves on Earth.
The Da Vinci Code | Tuesday, 29 Jul at 10:00 PM
An American professor and a French cryptologist must put their heads together to solve the mystery of an ancient relic and stop a mass murderer.
Midnight's Children | Wednesday, 30 Jul at 3:00 PM
Two newborn babies get switched by a nurse in a Bombay hospital and wind up having intertwined lives that link to India's future.
Confessions of a Shopaholic | Wednesday, 30 Jul at 7:15 PM
The story revolves around the life, experiences and chance luck of a shopaholic girl.